Cape Town Sixes

This past weekend our Friday high performance team enjoyed the opportunity of playing a tournament at Cape Town Sixes, held in Greenpoint. We played a total of 5 games and won 3. We ended up in 5th position overall. “Great effort from the boys who tried their best to execute everything they learnt from the GKC coaches the past few months. It paid off but there is always room for improvement” said coach Mzingisi Peter.

Our boys had the pleasure of meeting former Proteas Allan Donald, Brett Schultz and Meyrick Pringle. Mrs Van den Berg from Serendipity Travel and family also came to support the GKF team. The players learnt a great deal from their opposing teams and they enjoyed every moment!

Thank you Serendipity Travel and Gary Kirsten Cricket what a weekend! And thank you Simply Asia for the delicious lunch boxes!