UK teens raising funds for GKF

How awesome are these young guys raising money for our foundation! From mom, Nicky Laird:

“Dear Gary Kirsten Foundation,

We completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge on Friday night. It was a great experience although a real challenge!

We are thrilled to have raised funds for GKF. The page currently shows that we have raised £1512 (R 26, 630) but we hope to raise a bit more now that we have completed the challenge! My other two sons will undertake their own challenge this year so that we can hit our target of £4400 – that is R80,000 and will hopefully pay for the build of a cricket net!
Please see Will’s letter below:”

“Dear family and friends, We did it!!!

It was a REAL challenge! I think we thought it would be manageable but it was grueling. We set off at 8am and, before long, it started to rain. It rained all morning and over lunchtime while we climbed the first two peaks – made more challenging as we couldn’t see much on the way up or down due to the fog and rain. The mums found it hard as it was slippery too and they didn’t want to fall! We had to stop at a pub for hot chocolate and to wring out our clothes – we were completely soaked. Luckily, it stopped raining when we set off again – this time on a 6 hour stretch that went on.. and on… and on.. until we started the slow climb over moorland up to the third peak. We were really exhausted and it was already about 6pm. We finally made it to the top and the sun finally came out for a bit. Us kids skipped down the descent… I think the mums were really struggling then. We got back to the cars at 9 pm – an hour over 12 hours to complete the 23.5 miles – but we had stopped for an hour in the pub to get warm and a bit dry!

Attached are a few photos….

THANK YOU so much for sponsoring me. Your money will be well spent – it will go towards a cricket net in a township school chosen by the Gary Kirsten Foundation – my brothers just have to raise the rest of the total before the end of the year!

If you haven’t had time and would like to make a small contribution, that would be amazing. The link is here:

Thanks again.”